Jersey Surf: 2004

Surf 2004

In 2004, the corps continued its experiment with non-traditional costuming, donning leisure suits for the first half of its “Lounging Around with the Fabulous Jersey Surf” production. Covering the “wonderfully cheezy lounge sound” on the football field was no easy feat… but the corps transformed each stadium into a full scale lounge scene, complete with members of the brass section changing costumes and turning into quite possibly the largest marching Elvis ensemble ever mounted for the second half of the production. With tremendous audience response wherever it went on it longest tour ever through Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, the corps again finished the season at the World Championships — this time in Denver, CO — by achieving finalist status and capturing it’s second consecutive “Spirit of Disney” honor: a feat never before accomplished by a Division II drum corps. A special “grand finale” was added to the corps’ performance for the Saturday morning of Grand Finals, where a carnival wheel was mounted to the drum major’s podium, giving the corps the option of ending the show or instructing it to Take the Penalty by ending the show over the front boundary and merely inches from the front row of the audience. Much to the delight of everyone in attendance, the corps took the penalty; winning the hearts of their fans and their place in drum corps folklore.