Jersey Surf: 2005

Surf 2005

The 2005 season brought about another set of milestones,with the corps celebrating its fifteenth anniversary by embarking on two different “tours,”and performing in an expanded schedule of shows and events…all while fielding the largest corps in its history, breaking the “60-horn”mark for the first time. Performing a repertoire of popular classics under the theme of “The Jersey Surf Enjoys an Evening at The Pops,”the corps again drew upon its own talent to energize audiences throughout the eastern seaboard,leading into another finalist berth at the DCI World Championships in Brockton,Mass.,and capturing its third consecutive “Spirit of Disney” honor; a feat never before achieved in DCI history. The field show’s finale featured foam-rubber “fireworks” rockets fired from slingshots behind the front percussion ensemble, as the color guard maneuvered 22-foot-tall “feather flags” which combined to create a stunning backdrop reminiscent of the American flag. This season also debuted a new, darker uniform but maintained elements from the past as well.