2016 Audubon Bon Bons Scholarship Awarded to Gabby Palao

Bon Bons and GabbyDrum corps means something different to everyone. For the Audubon Bon Bons All-Girl Drum and Bugle Corps, it meant defying the odds.

In the male-dominated world of early drum corps, the Bon Bons girls spent 40 years showing drum corps members and fans that girls can do anything boys can. Competiting between 1938 and 1977, the Bon Bons took home a multitude of awards, including the controversial 1957 second place next to the Holy Name Cadets. Because of this strong history, the now retired Bon Bons sponsor a scholarship “gift” for a girl participating in drum corps. This season, we are proud to announce second year veteran cymbal player, Gabby Palao, as the recipient.

As a girl in drumline, Gabby says, “I’m very proud to represent the Bon Bon’s message that girls can tear up the field just as well as boys!” As one of four girls in the line this season, Gabby reflects on the “togetherness” that is often experienced not only in the Jersey Surf, but in the greater drum corps community. No matter your age, gender, nationality, or section,  Gabby says, “We aspire to uniformity in our marching and consistency in our excellence in music. However, our ‘togetherness’ goes beyond that. We are together in our growth, and learn from each other all summer.” Now with the Bon Bon’s standing together with her, Gabby is looking forward to another season on the road “sharing the love” and showing girls that they too, can do whatever they set their mind to.