#GivingTuesday & The Jersey Surf

#GivingTuesdayJS16DCI is an opportunity for the entire Jersey Surf Family to be part of an exciting movement that increases our nonprofit’s visibility and connects donors with our mission. We encourage everyone to engage in conversations about the event on social networks in the weeks and days leading up to (and after) the big day on … Read more →

Alumni Profile: Michael Allen

After aging out in 2008, Michael graduated from the Indiana University of PA with a degree in Communications Media. He went on to work full time in Human Resources before his current job as an Emergency Physician Staffing Coordinator in the Bucks County, PA area. Michael continued marching well after his days on the field … Read more →

Alumni Profile: Chris Gormley

After five years in DCI, Chris Gormley completed his Criminal Justice degree from Montgomery County Community College. Chris brought his new degree to Orlando, Florida to pursue a career in police work. After a change of heart in 2012, he enlisted in the United States Navy as a Fire Control Technician on board nuclear powered … Read more →

Alumni Profile: Gabriel Di Gennaro

Gabriel describes his marching career as a roller coaster. “My six years on percussion and trombone would be the way up, my final year on trombone would be the way down, and my season on baritone at Surf would be that short, but electrifying moment at the top where your body feels absolutely weightless,” he … Read more →

Alumni Profile: Justin Kramer

JUSTIN KRAMER grew up playing the violin but after being introduced to drum corps by fellow Surf alum Nathan Langford, Kramer was hooked. He marched with Surf for a year before heading to the U.S. Navy as an Aviation Support Equipment Technician. Kramer served as a flight deck troubleshooter for Aircraft Crash and Salvage and … Read more →

Alumni Profile: Julie Hill

After aging out from the Jersey Surf in 2009, Julie Hill began grad school at the University of Florida for a Ph.D in Developmental Psychology. She spent the last six years working on her doctorate, spending a majority of the time evaluating teen pregnancy prevention and STI prevention programs. Now with her student years behind … Read more →

Alumni Profile: Brian Seemann

After marching with the Jersey Surf in 2009, Brian Seemann aged out with the Boston Crusaders in 2012. He graduated from Temple University with a degree in Urban Planning before jumping back into the performing arts. Brian has spent the last four years working with several high school band programs, directing a church handbell program, … Read more →

Alumni Profile: Holly (Frederickson) Nations

After completing her time in various roles within the Jersey Surf family, “Holly Hustle” entered the United States Marine Corps as a clarinet player. During her four years of service, she performed in the drill band, woodwind quintet, and concert band. She then moved on to receive a master’s degree in business administration with a … Read more →

Alumni Profile: Mark “Gravy” Graves

After aging out of drum corps, Mark Graves found a new passion—craft beer. Although the brewing industry is difficult to enter, five years of drum corps prepared Mark for the challenge. He persevered through a year of unanswered emails, phone calls, and rejected applications before receiving an entry-level position at Philadelphia’s award-winning Manyunk Brewing Company. … Read more →

Alumni Profile: Ian Johansen

After a year of drum corps, Ian Johansen earned his Commercial Pilot’s Certificate from Mercer County College. He then transferred to Southern Illinois University to finish schooling and become a flight instructor. After graduating, Johansen jumped headfirst into the aviation industry. He worked a variety of jobs including towing banners, flying Skydivers, and navigating a … Read more →