2017 Food Truck Upgrade Project Donations


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Our food truck is the centerpiece of our touring operation. From delicious, nutritious meals prepared by our remarkable team of culinary volunteers, to frosty, thirst-quenching drinks ten gallons at a time, we love our truck and the role that it plays in our organization.

We’re the third owners of this legendary trailer, which is now more than 41 years old. We’ve carefully maintained the appliances and chassis, as have the two corps who have enjoyed its service before us. Our experts feel that the truck can continue to serve more than 15000 meals and snacks each summer for a few more seasons to come, but some of the cooking equipment is simply no longer usable due to being considerably beyond its useful product lifecycle.

With your assistance and tax-deductible donation, we’ll be raising more than $30,000 for replacements, upgrades and repairs in time for the 2017 Drum Corps International Summer Tour. Some of the items on our “Chuckwagon Checklist” include:

Replace Convection Oven – $10,000.00
Replace Gas Cooktop – $3,000.00
Upgrade to Propane System – $5,000
Additional Overhead Storage – $5,000
New Expandable Drink Station – $3,000
Refrigeration & Generator – $2,500

Thank you in advance for your generous assistance, which helps to ensure the safe operation of a truck designed to keep our entire team operating at its fullest. We hope you’ll have the opportunity to stop by our truck for a visit in a parking lot near you when we hit the road for the Drum Corps International summer tour.