Auditions for the Jersey Surf are designed to be a low-stress and highly enjoyable experience. The instructional staff will observe your playing or spinning abilities and how well you fit in with the rest of the line in terms of your areas of achievement and your areas of opportunity. To prepare for your audition, please look in the Library section of Corpsdata for your section’s technique packet and audition requirements.

Your audition results will be based on several factors:

  • Performance- Your abilities on your instrument or equipment and your marching ability are significant factors in your achievement of your goal of membership on our team. Perhaps even more important, however, is your development and progress over a period of time. Our instructional team wants you to be motivated to work hard to fulfill your potential and master your craft.
  • Ability to Honor Financial Commitments- We need to agree on an action plan which will enable you to honor your commitment and pay your fees in full by the designated deadlines.
  • Attendance- We expect you to attend all of our rehearsals. We do realize there are occasionally unavoidable conflicts. If you know you have a conflict with one of our rehearsal or audition weekends, it is your responsibility to tell your caption head about it as soon as you know. After many years and thousands of members, we know what to expect and have a lot of experience solving challenges before they become major issues.
  • Attitude- A positive approach to life and to our journey together as a drum corps is very important to everyone here at the Jersey Surf. When everyone is willing to work as a team, we can achieve tremendous things. Our philosophy is to work smart with a solid game plan to be the best we can be, while having and a great time together along the way, sharing our love of what we do with each-other and with the world. We want to bring together people of character who will work hard to share these attributes and who understand and share this philosophy.

Please understand that auditions are a “rolling” process. Just because our scheduled “audition weekends” may have passed doesn’t necessarily mean we no longer have any spots left in the corps. If you are interested in being a member of our team regardless of the date you are reading this, please send an email to to learn more about potential openings on our team.