How do I join?

The first step to joining is to register in our online database, Corpsdata. Once you do, you will be on our emailing list for any announcements we have prior to or between camps.  It is also where you will be able to download music to prepare and forms to fill out and bring to your first camp. Please look in the Library tab in Corpsdata by the top of the page for music and forms.

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If I have auditioned or marched with Jersey Surf in the past, do I need to fill out an application again?

Yes. Anyone who is interested must fill out a new application each year before they rehearse with us. Please use the same email address you used in the past. If you are using a different email address, you can change your log in information and the email address you receive emails from on the homepage of your profile.


What should I bring to camp?

In the LIBRARY tab of Corpsdata, there is a Forms folder. Check in there for a suggested packing list, which includes sleeping gear, shower gear, and comfortable clothes you can move in easily. If you own your own equipment, please bring it.  We have a limited number to lend out for the weekend, but due to the large number of applicants it is probable we won’t have enough for everyone, especially for the first few weekends.


Do you provide transportation to and from public transit stations?

Yes, we will make arrangements to pick you up from and drop you off if you are planning on taking public transportation. When you log into Corpsdata to fill out your RSVP for the weekend, there will be a field to enter your public transit information. Please make sure this is done one week prior to the camp weekend. You will be contacted several days before the weekend with the contact information of who is going to pick you up.

See “Travel Info” Tab for more detailed information.


I want to RSVP, but I don’t know my travel info yet.  What should I do?

RSVP anyway. You can always go back and put your travel information in later. RSVPs are due the Friday before rehearsal. Transportation plans are due the Wednesday before rehearsal. However, if we do not have your plans by then we are unable to pick you up.

See “Travel Info” Tab for more detailed information.


Can I send in a video?

Yes, you may send in a video if you live a long distance away or if you can’t make it to either of the first two audition weekends. However, you will not be offered a contract based on your video. The video will serve as a basis for the staff to evaluate you so they can either offer you a callback, or offer you advice on how to improve before you come to audition in person.

See “Video Audition” Tab for additional information.


I just started learning to play/spin because I want to audition, but I’m not very good yet.  What should I do?

Audition anyway! Most of our staff are professional educators, and you will learn a lot from one weekend. Even if you don’t make the section of your choice on the first try or if you have no intention on coming to camp past the auditions, it will be great experience, will help to prepare you for next year and will provide you with useful information you can use in your other musical endeavors.


Can I audition for drum major?

We generally pick our drum majors from within the drum corps because of the amount of leadership responsibilities drum majors have. However, we are accepting applications for field conductors. If you have any interest in being a conductor, purchase the audition packet in our store.


How many weekends am I allowed to miss?

Everyone in the corps is expected to be at every rehearsal their section is scheduled to attend. It is your responsibility to make your caption head and aware of your conflicts as soon as you know about them so that we can work together to ensure the success of everyone involved.


How much does it cost?

The cost to march varies slightly each year, and are outlined under the FEES tab. Our fees are comprised from the following components:

  • Registration fee (due before your first camp, includes audition packet)
  • Camp Fees (for each camp you attend) — discount if paid prior by 11AM on camp weekends.
  • Tuition, Uniform & Tour Fee — includes a lot of stuff! See FEES tab for a detailed outline.


Are there ways to reduce my tuition, tour fee, etc.?

There are a number of ways to offset your fees. Along with getting sponsors through our member sponsorship program, you will be able to take advantage of multiple fundraising opportunities. We will discuss those opportunities in detail at rehearsal as they become available throughout the season.


What if I’m still in school when the corps moves in?

This is something we deal with every year. We want you to take care of all your school obligations and join us as soon as you are able. Many of our members with conflicts will join us for several days, return to school to finish finals and attend graduation, and then come back to spring training. As with any other conflict, as long as you communicate with the staff well in advance it shouldn’t be a problem. Communication is the key to our mutual success!


Can my parents stay the weekend?

Absolutely! Parents are always invited and encouraged to come. Jersey Surf administrators and seasoned volunteers will be at every audition and rehearsal weekend to answer any questions your parents may have. There are many volunteer opportunities in which your parents can take part which are an enormous help to us each weekend. If you’re parents are planning to stay with us, they should also bring a sleeping bag or air mattress. Volunteers have their sleeping quarters in a separate room, away from the corps members.