2018 Fees will be posted in late September.

To give you an idea as to the approximate cost for participation, our fees for the 2017 season were as follows:

Registration Fee for Returning Members: $85 if paid before November 1
Registration Fee for New Members: $120

This is a non-refundable fee that must be paid by all applicants by the time they come to their first weekend. Applicants should pay online to receive the audition packet when they complete the purchase.  The registration fee covers insurance through the BSA and general administrative expenses.

Camp Fee- $40 for each camp you attend, $50 if you pay at the door (after 11AM)
Camp fees cover a variety of expenses, including food, facility rental, and instruction. Camp fees are also non-refundable.

Tuition- TBA
Our 2017 tuition and tour fee will be announced by January. Last year the total fees were $3600. Final scheduling and spring training facilities rental costs will determine the final fees. Please know that we are very sensitive to the expenses involved in participating in the organization. We do our very best to run the corps in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, and we try very hard to keep the costs down. Below are some of the items that the tuition covers:
• Over 210 Meals, Snacks & beverages on tour
• Charter Bus Transportation for the 10,000 mile tour
• Instruction from Performing Arts Education Professionals
• Insurance
• Housing &Travel-Related Expenses
• Accounting & Legal Fees & Gen. Administration
• Uniforms & Uniform Cleaning/Maintenance
• Transportation: Repairs, Maintenance, Fuel, Tolls
• First Aid, Athletic Training and Wellness Supplies
• Vehicle Leasing & Rental Fees
• DCI Competition Entry Fees & Expenses
• Color Guard Flags, Equipment & Props
• Musical Instrument Purchases
• Musical Instrument Repair
• Tour Housing Expenses & Fees
• Professional Drivers’ Expenses
• Instructional Staff Expenses
• Professional Development Expenses
• Professional Consultants’ Fees
• Music Licensing Fees
• Advertising Expenses
• New Marching Shoes – all corps members
• Color Guard footwear – guard members
• Drumsticks, mallets & heads
• Other special features to be announced!