Video Audition

This is an option for applicants who have large travel expenses involved in getting to New Jersey or for applicants with excused absences from our audition weekends due to approved school commitments. If you are able to attend the weekend or even part of the weekend, we recommend that you do that instead of auditioning via video. While the video audition in and of itself will not guarantee you a contract with the corps, you will receive either an invitation to our next rehearsal weekend or specific suggestions from our instructional staff on what to work on prior to a final audition in person.

The video audition requirements are the same as the in-person auditioning requirements, which are available for purchase in our store.

Once you are ready to audition, please record yourself and upload to Youtube as a private video.  Please make sure that the privacy settings are set to whoever has the link can view it but it is not public.  When you are ready to submit, please purchase the video audition in our store and copy and paste the link in the “Order Notes” box and complete the transaction.

Please email with any questions.