2016 Drum Major Announcement

The Jersey Surf is pleased to announce second-year veteran Katie Liming as drum major for the 2016 season.

Katie Liming S BlockA native of Scottsdale, AZ, Liming is a junior at the University of Delaware where she studies Environmental Science with a concentration in Marine Science and Spanish. She has been playing trumpet for the last seven years, most recently in the University of Delaware Marching Band. After a successful first season with the 2015 Jersey Surf trumpet line, Liming decided to take the next step and audition for drum major. She said she “wanted to give back” to the corps that taught her so much last summer. “I wanted to do everything I could do to serve the corps, and being drum major seemed like the best way to do that.”

Looking forward to the summer, Liming is most excited for the “challenge brought by this coming season, both personally and for the corps.” Inspired by the drive and focus the horn line exhibits as they learn the 2016 program, Liming is ready to take on life on the podium. She says, “Personally I’m excited to learn from the challenges of a new leadership experience and to be pushed in ways I hadn’t expected.”

In her new role on the podium, Liming stands at the top of the chain of command for student leadership. She will represent the corps as a whole as a liaison between corps members and staff, in addition to a variety of administrative and logistical duties unique to her position. Whether it’s keeping time during a competition or making sure the corps gets to bed, no task is too big or too small for Liming.