Actress Janina Gavankar Features Jersey Surf in #JustAddDrumCorps Music Video

Watch the Jersey Surf in Janina Gavankar’s (from NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura and HBO’s True Blood) #JustAddDrumCorps cover of Martin Garrix’s “Don’t Look Down.”

Jersey Surf thanks Janina Gavankar for this incredible experience and the rest of the cast and crew for their tireless efforts and enthusiasm throughout the production.


Video Credits


Janina Gavankar-Executive Producer/Director
Eric Giovon-Director of Photography
Derek Schelling-1st Assistant Director
Thomas Ramsey-Editor
Adam Wood-Co-Editor
Jonathan Gilmore Mason-Butch-Lighting Designer
Coryna Perez-Associate Producer
Gustavo Astudillo-Co-Producer
Bob Jacobs-Co-Producer
Rebecca Rajadyna-Assistant Camera Operator
Tom Walco-Additional Camera Operator
Christian Sanz-Key Drone Coordinator
Brandon Montellato-Drone Pilot
Colin Bell-Key Drum Corps Coordinator
Rich Klimowicz-Drum Corps Coordinator
Dylan Heister-Electric
Megan Bearint-Electric
Jake Peterson-Electric
Matt Targett-Electric
Zoe Scott-Electric
James Jones-Playback
Maria Scali-Makeup
Michael Livsey-Hair
Quinten Owens-Stylist
Stephanie Dutcher-Co-Producer’s Assistant
Charlie Martin-Production Assistant
Mike Merk-Production Assistant
Casey Stokely-Production Assistant
Farah Wahab-Production Assistant
Mohra Gavankar-Craft Services/Catering
Heidi Germaine-Transportation
Chris Myers-Transportation
Tina Myers-Transportation


Jersey Surf Members, Staff, and Friends

Vernon Holmes-Trumpet
Alyssa Rabo-Trumpet
Anthony Spano-Trumpet
Dan Stauffer-Trumpet
Kyle Risch-Trumpet
Benjamin Godwin-Trumpet
Jonathan Maydwell-Trumpet
Kelly Webster-Mellophone
Libby Ando-Mellophone
Kaylee Black-Mellophone
Becky Terry-Mellophone
Mike Halcovage-Mellophone
Joseph Santanello-Mellophone
Stephanie Dutcher-Baritone/Mellophone
Mark Figueroa-Baritone/Mellophone
Allison Figueroa-Baritone
Jason Moore-Baritone
Sara Lucas-Baritone
Chase Bartholomew-Tuba
Julian Ullman-Tuba
J.D. Case-Tuba
Dan McConnell-Tuba
Gino Donofrio-Snare
Brad Schoener-Snare
Alex Santa-Snare
Ashley Hearing-Snare
Matt Phillips-Snare
Luciano Nascimento-Snare
Tyler Shreve-Snare
Geoff Summers-Tenors
Julian Hernandez-Tenors
Mohit Khattar-Tenors
James Colon-Bass Drum
Calvin Certuche-Bass Drum
Johnathan Mendez-Bass Drum
John Carega-Bass Drum
Jasmin Guevara-Bass Drum
Pam Ferrali-Marimba
Bailey Kincaid-Marimba
Jessica Ballenilla-Marimba
Brianna Ajamian-Vibraphone
Lara Spano-Vibraphone
Jamie Engels-Glockenspiel
Rich Klimowicz-Xylophone
Michael Morales-Timpani
Jonathan Sotelo-Concert Bass Drum/Tam Tam


Jeremy Skaller
Bob Jacobs
Caitlin Pashalek
The Jersey Surf
Drum Corps International
Fred King