Franz Selected as 2018 Horn Sergeant

Fourth-year Jersey Surf brass section member Logan Franz has been selected to lead the 2018 Jersey Surf brass section in the role of Horn Sergeant. The Fishersville, Va.-native is currently attending James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA where he is pursuing an undergraduate degree in music with an emphasis on Music Industry studies. At JMU, Logan is a member of the Marching Royal Dukes and is a member of the horn ensemble.

"I'm looking forward to continuing to contribute to the strides that the Surf brass program has made over the past several years,” Logan said. “I’m excited to help build upon the growth of the level of excellence and professionalism that the Surf has displayed, on and off the field, in this role. To be able to serve the Jersey Surf at a higher level means the world to me."

He continued, "The Jersey Surf has a distinctive and unique identity that really resonates well with me. The work ethic of both the staff and members of the Surf motivates me to be a better individual and a better performer. My experience as a member of the Surf has been superb, and I’m excited to continue my pursuit of excellence as the horn sergeant of this organization.” Franz has served the corps as midvoice section leader the past two seasons as a member of the corps’ member-leadership team.

"Logan has demonstrated tremendous leadership skills in various leadership roles during the past three seasons," says Mark Figueroa, director of the Jersey Surf brass education program. "His drive and work ethic are evident year-round, both in his own section, and the way it continues to motivate and inspire the entire brass section. I am both confident and excited for him to serve in the role of Horn Sergeant for the 2018 season. His confidence, passionate and aggressive approach to performance, and positive energy will set the stage for a tremendous 2018 season for the brass section, and the entire Jersey Surf organization."

In his new role, Logan will represent the brass section with the member-leadership of the organization and will also serve as a liaison with the instructional and administrative staff members, assisting with a number of additional administrative responsibilities in addition to those of a typical marching member.