Jersey Surf and ProSwim Fitness Expand “Get Wet–Get Fit” Corps Member Personal Training Program

For a second season, Jersey Surf World Class Drum Corps is partnering with Mt. Laurel, NJ-based ProSwim Fitness to assist with the physical preparation of corps members for the physical challenges of participation in the Drum Corps International tour. The innovative, high-intensity aqua-fitness sessions premiered during the 2017 season were met with such success that the Surf is expanding the Get Wet Get Fit program for 2018.

The “season two” program launched during the Surf’s first audition camp of the season in November. During the first portion of the two-part fitness sessions, members completed swimming and water aerobics circuits for strength and endurance training with an added degree of fun.

“The Get Wet Get Fit program is really cool. I love being in the water because it is more fun than land physical training and it works more muscles and areas that I didn’t know could get worked out,” said Maile Hawryluk, back for her second year with Jersey Surf. “After class I was sore in the best way!”

After a 45-minute pool session, members transitioned to a land-based yoga class for further strength and flexibility training.

Because many members do not have access to a pool in between camps, The Jersey Surf and ProSwim have joined forces to create the innovative “Get Wet Get Fit – Dry Edition” fitness video series. Hosted by The Surf’s personal trainers Marty Finch and Sophia Murphy of ProSwim Fitness, the program releases a weekly fitness and flexibility video for members to complete at home.

Based on their touring experience with the corps over the past several seasons, Jersey Surf athletic trainers Chris Benedict and Jenn Lichtmann are providing invaluable insight into the development of the at-home curriculum and pre-season strength and conditioning program. Chris & Jenn joined forces with Marty and Sophia in the gym last month continue filming the series and discuss the training regimen for the remainder of the season.

Jersey Surf is excited for its continued partnership with ProSwim Fitness and is grateful to its entire health and wellness team for their ongoing commitment to creating and reinforcing a healthy lifestyle for the members, staff and volunteers of The Jersey Surf.